hi, i'm sam!

I can eat my weight in sushi, belt it loud on a karaoke mic, and binge-watch horror flicks over a bottle of pinot noir. The nerd in me loves musicals, escape rooms, and Nintendo 64. I do it all for my family and I'm out to prove that life can be full of fun, work, love, and balance.

I work with amazing people and help lead them where they want to go. And I get to shake some shiz up on the daily.

Wright Family Adventure-0055.jpg

I'm head over heels in love with my  superhero loving, work-out-aholic, hunk of husband, Shamba. Holy cow did I find me a man! He keeps me grounded, motivated, and sane. 

In the span of 10 years, Shamba and I have lived together in 15 different dwellings, including a tipi, a truck, and a 100 sq. ft. off-grid hunting cabin in the woods––yeah, we were some crazy hippies back in the day.

Nothing compares to the adventure of raising these two crazy kids though. Parenthood...holy crap!

Rules I live by...

Never settle for good when you're capable of great. 

You ARE capable of great.

Hustle hard. Play hard. Rest hard.

Everything is figureoutable. 

Treat your body like a temple...but also, eat that cake girl...life's just too dang short.

Don't let your 'good' be a killer of your 'great.'