samantha lee wright

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of Health and Happiness You Are Worth It.



Samantha Lee Wright is the host of the world's #1 essential oil podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution, where she helps people take control of their health using nature’s most powerful tools. As an educator, entrepreneur, and real-life example of turning struggle into success, she inspires people across the globe to activate their dreams and be fearless in their pursuit of health and happiness. As a doula and childbirth educator, she helps women and their families find strength and courage through birth and beyond. 



Essential Oils:

  • Essential Oils 101

  • Safety and Essential Oils

  • Oils for moms, men, entrepreneurs, stress, sleep, or toxin-free living

  • Copaiba essential oil vs. CBD oil

  • Detoxifying Your Home with Essential Oils


  • My Story: From Poverty to Success

  • Why and How to Create Your Own Podcast

  • Become a Naptime Boss: How I Built a Business While My Kids Were Sleeping

  • Authentic List Building

Doulas and Childbirth

  • Why Every Woman Deserves a Doula

  • Your Birth Story Matters

  • Making Empowered Decisions in Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • Postpartum Sucks –– Doulas Can Help




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