Feed Your Body Exactly What it Needs

Treasured by nearly every ancient culture for thousands of years…

The Ningxia Wolfberry is estimated to contain high levels of:

  • Amino acids

  • Protein

  • Trace minerals

  • Essential fatty acids

  • Beta carotene 

  • Vitamins B1, B6, and B2 (riboflavin)

  •  Vitamin C 

  • Vitamin E

  • Calcium

  • Potassium

  • Iron

  •  Selenium

  •  Zinc

NingXia Red contains vital nutrients that are often missing in many modern diets.

NingXia Red is one of Young Living’s most popular wellness supplements. It’s a nutrient-rich drink infused with antioxidant-providing super-fruits {wolfberry, aronia, blueberry, cherry, pomegranate, and plum} and powerful essential oils {Orange, Yuzu, Lemon and Tangerine}.  

Truly the perfect way to start the day.  

Start the day out right. NingXia Red contains the puree from the whole Ningxia wolfberries. Young Living uses all of the valuable parts—the juice, peel, seeds, and fruit—to ensure that each bottle contains the optimal blend of nutrients offered by this extraordinary fruit.

What is the Ningxia Wolfberry?

The wolfberry comes from the Ningxia Province in northern China, where it has been revered for centuries. It contains every essential amino acid and contains 13 percent protein, the highest protein content of any fruit. Ongoing research continues to support the wolfberry’s health-promoting properties. The wolfberry is sometimes commercially known as the “Goji berry” and shares very similar properties.

Unbelievable nutrition. 1 Ounce of Ningxia Red equals the antioxidant power of:

  • 8 oranges
  • 4 pounds of carrots
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 21 trace minerals
  • 2 pounds beets
  • 6 essential fatty acids
  • 3 cups of raspberries
  • 2 cups blueberries

Infused with the power of essential oils.

Young Living excels in their process of combining the power of therapeutic grade essential oils with their supplements and wellness products. The added power of Orange, Yuzu, Lemon and Tangerine oil gives Ningxia red an extra boosts of power. The oils not only add their own powerful therapeutic properties, but also help aid in assimilation and digestion of the Ningxia drink to maximize absorption in your body. They also add a delicious taste to the juice!


One of the many reasons to drink NingXia Red is that it supplies the body with important antioxidants. It provides a wide spectrum of antioxidant activity that will energize, fortify, and replenish your body.

Antioxidants help fight off the damaging effects of free radicals in your body. The body experiences a natural phenomenon called oxidation every day, which can produce harmful byproducts called free radicals. If left uncontrolled, these free radicals can damage cells, much like the chemical reaction that takes place when a half-eaten apple turns brown. Free radical damage can be accelerated by pollution, stress, toxins, smoking, and alcohol.

The Ningxia Premium Starter Kit

(The Best Bang for Your Buck)


Not sure where to start? Don’t worry… Young Living makes it super easy to get started off right using Ningxia Red with their Premium Starter Kit. It’s truly the best bang for your buck.

A $300 value for just $170

What’s Included:

2 Big Glass Bottles of Ningxia Red

Each bottle contains 25 ounces of superfood goodness. Keep opened bottles in the fridge for keeping. Drink 1-2 ounces per day straight or mixed with juice of smoothies…

P.S. It’s delicious!

32 Single Serve Travel Pouches

Each travel pack contains 2 ounces. Keep chilled in fridge for best taste. Great for use on the go or when travel.

Ningxia Nitro Energy Shots

A Mom’s best friend! Ningxia Nitro shots give even more of an energy boost for that 4 o’clock slump. Packed with the same key benefits of Ningxia Red, Nitro is an amazing supplement for athletes, mothers, or anyone trying to kick that coffee habit.

Bonus Goodies!

On top of the Ningxia Products, the Premium Starter Kit also comes with:

5ml bottle os Stress Away Essential Oils blend

Sample packs of other popular essential oils (Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender, and Thieves).

Beautiful Product Guide

Essential Oil Magazine

Bonus literature

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How to Order Your Kit:.

1. Click over to the Young Living website HERE.

2. Make sure the “Wholesale Member” option is selected so you don’t end up paying retail prices.

3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should be filled in. If not, paste in my ID: 1993230

4. Fill in your info. (Write your info down so you can use it later!)

5. Pick your Starter Kit. If you’re getting the Ningixa Premium Starter Kit you’ll need to click on the tab that says “Other Premium Kits.”

6. Confirm your order. It’s amazing how many folks miss this step.

Why not Amazon or store-brand energy drinks?

One of the biggest reasons to become a Young Living member (besides the fact that it’s free!) is that you get to join a community of amazing people. We have so much fun in our Revolution Oils community! We are all there to support each other and educate every member on how to use their oils. We do live educational webinars all the time, provide one on one support, and do tons of fun giveaways.

But besides the fact that it’s more fun to get well with friends, what it really comes down to is quality control. Did you know that many products that are sold on Amazon that are labeled “Young Living,” are actually diluted down or tampered with by sellers to make more profit? You also have to be leery of off-brands that are labeled “therapeutic grade,” or “100% pure.” Unfortunately anyone can slap those terms on their label but not be held accountable to that promise. Young Living is a 20 year old, highly trusted company in the essential oil sphere who’s sole mission is to provide the best quality therapeutic grade essential oils possible and wellness products that have been magically infused with the power of essential oils. I’ve met the company, I’ve gotten to peek behind the curtain as it were, and trust me, they are an outstanding company who can be trusted to provide what they say they do.

FAQs about the Wholesale Membership

Does “Distributor” mean I have to sell something?

Absolutely not! However, the Wholesale membership does allow you the OPTION to share Young Living with others and make an income by doing so. If you wanted to, you could simply enroll a few friends and help pay for your own oils, or you could decide to support your entire family by starting a home-business. That’s how I feed my family! You can check out our awesome team of Young Living distributors here (links to Meet our Team Page). We have everything you need to get started, plus free coaching calls from me as your sponsor! It’s what I love to do!

Are there any monthly, yearly, or hidden fees?

Nope! No tricks or gimmicks or automatic charges to your credit card whatsoever.

Are there any minimum purchase requirements?

You must purchase one of the Young Living Starter Kits to get started, then it’s just a 50PV (product value) per year minimum to maintain membership, but there are no penalties if you don’t.

Can I just buy a few oils instead of the starter kit?

To become a wholesale member you must buy one of the start kit options. If you simply want to buy individual oils you can create a retail customer account to do so, but you will be paying 24% more when you do. (or 50% more in the case of the oils you’d be getting in the Premium Starter Kit).

If I don’t like it can I return it?

Yes. You have 30 days to receive a full refund if you do not like your products.

Why should I buy from Young Living instead of other essential oils companies?

It does seem like a new essential oils company pops up every day, doesn’t it?

I can’t speak to the quality of other companies, but I can say that Young Living was the only company in my research of essential oil companies that could answer all of my questions about purity in a way that was satisfactory to me.

Young Living was the only company that has their own farms (in the regions where the plants should be grown), could absolutely guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of any of their oils (they use essential oils for pest control and they do all of the weeding by hand), has their own testing equipment (they do both in-house and 3rd party testing, and use many different testing methods not just GC/MS which only tests for certain chemicals, not whether those chemicals are synthetic or not), and only uses the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

Young Living also was the only company that was directly in charge of essential oil farming operations. Every other company I researched goes through some kind of an “oil broker” to buy their oils. They have to trust that the oil broker is telling the truth, who has to trust that the essential oil distilleries are telling the truth, who have to trust that the farmers are telling the truth about what they say they are doing.

With Young Living, you just have to trust one company instead of several.

I feel like it’s a trust step either way (anyone could be lying) but I felt the most comfortable trusting Young Living since they are a full-disclosure company. ANYONE can visit the farms, participate in the harvesting and distillation, view the Young Living labs, and see the entire process. That’s not an option with any other company.

Does Young Living only sell essential oils?

The answer to this one was surprising to me when I first got my starter kit! Young Living actually has an entire line of personal care products, supplements, meal replacements, energy drinks, and more! Almost every product incorporates essential oils (for example, frankincense is absolutely wonderful in facial products), but there’s a wide variety of products available.